Design @ Bench Kitchens

Design @ Bench Kitchens
23rd March 2021|



I have been designing kitchens with Bench Kitchens for five years and even though many projects are governed by the size of the space available, I have found that the question of which style to go with, always seems to be a point of contention.

When it comes to Choosing your kitchen style, you generally have three choices to choose from. Go traditional, with plenty of detailing, something contemporary sleek and high-gloss for a modern look or shaker-style which can offer a mix of both.

You would think that it would be easy, for example, you live in a 200-year-old cottage, so you must go traditional, or my kitchen is small and narrow, so sleek handle-less doors are the only way forward.


The problem is, we all have our own opinions and always try our best to be different from others and why not. If you are investing £10’000 renovating your kitchen, do you really want your new kitchen to look the same as your neighbours.




It is a general assumption that all contemporary kitchens are all about smooth gloss or matte finishes in neutral colours, however, with Bench Kitchens Zola and Strada, with the Tavola and Kelso ranges thrown in the mix, you will add a natural, yet less clinical finish, whilst adding a splash of colour and texture. With or without handless, you have created a truly, unique finish.

ZolaIvory TavolaEspresso 



At Bench Kitchens we refer customers to the Jefferson, Wakefield and Florence, when we are discussing traditional styles and, yes, with the internal beads, they create the desired, ornate and detailed finish. Generally chunkier in look to the shaker, adding a combination of colour from Bench kitchens 34 colour pallet, and with reduced cornice and pelmet, can reduce their impact on the room, opening these stunning Bench Kitchen ranges up to smaller spaces and newer homes.




Shakers come in two styles, the V-cut, for example, Bench Kitchens Dawson, Kensington and Madison or flush, Aldana, Clonmel and Georgia. The best of both worlds, both styles and all Bench kitchens shaker ranges, can be used to create both contemporary and traditional designs, with a huge range of compliments (cornice, pelmet, end panels, etc), they lend themselves to almost endless design ideas.

Kitchen Design should not be limited by your style of home, following fashion trends or limitations of space. Kitchen design is about passion, creating an attractive, practical, storage solution. A space that can be enjoyed and a room that you want to spend time in.

This can only be achieved by using a kitchen company that delivers a diverse range of finishes and colours like Bench Kitchens.

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