Colour scheme suggestions for the kitchen

Colour scheme suggestions for the kitchen
12th October 2022|

Colour schemes and combination suggestions for the kitchen


There are ways to incorporate new hues into the focal point of your house, from accents of colour to all-over styles.


Colour can completely transform a space, but it can be challenging to know where to begin. You can see what colour or colour combinations might work in your space by looking into kitchen colour schemes.


Your perspective of the area can be drastically altered by the colour schemes you choose for your kitchen design ideas. It can alter how big or small, cosy, or chilly, light, or dark, a place feels. colour schemes for the kitchen also provide you a chance to show off your personality in a space where you spend a lot of time.


Before choosing a colour scheme, think about the size and style of your room. Most essential, consider how much natural light it receives and in which direction, as you should for any interior DIY project.


Colour palettes for kitchens


You can't go wrong by using colour theory to select your kitchen's colour palettes. Colours that are close to one other on the colour wheel will give your scheme a more laid-back feel, while colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel will produce a strong contrast with a vivid sense.


1. Express yourself.


One of the most popular paint trends in interior design right now is colour drenching. For colour ideas in your kitchen, use this as inspiration, but keep it practical. The secret is to utilise a strong, vivid colour on the walls and cabinetry.

Maintain a neutral tone for your backsplash to avoid going too far. This will provide you visual breathing room and keep you from rapidly growing weary of your risky option.


2. Opt for classic attire


Colour in a kitchen doesn't always have to be loud or dazzling. Going for a subdued tone might help you accomplish a lot. Deep blues and greens, as well as any colour that has a lot of grey, can be utilised as a neutral would.

With these colours, you may fill the area with as much as you want without it becoming overly dramatic. Add contrasting worksurfaces in the brightest of whites for a modern twist.


3. Adopt pastel colours


Pastel colours are far too frequently just used in restrooms and bedrooms. By incorporating it into your kitchen colour scheme, you may turn this on its head. You may add a lot of warmth with your hardware since bronze and brass complement pink kitchen ideas particularly nicely. Pick a pink with grey undertones to keep the look from being overly sugary. This will come across as more mature.


4. Inventive use of colour


Colour palettes for the kitchen can be utilised to draw attention to unexpected places. The interior of drawers, the backs of cabinets, and the baseboards of islands can all be painted to match the cabinetry. This enhances the impression without being overpowering or intrusive.


5. Decide on a monotone design


Obviously, white kitchens will never go out of style, so why not use it in a different way? Use powerful black as your main colour and white as a highlight instead of choosing kitchen ideas with white cabinets. Slices of white are added to the floor and splashbacks to break up the black cabinetry and key accessories.

To avoid feeling too dark in the evening, just make sure your kitchen receives enough natural light.


6. Select light-coloured cabinets.


We adore bold, eye-catching kitchen colour schemes, but it might seem like a significant commitment. It's not exactly a room you want to frequently redecorate, after all. Since changing the walls and the tile would be the most difficult and expensive option, you can have the best of both worlds,  paint your cabinets in the colour of your choice. Learn how to paint kitchen cabinets so that, in the event that you decide to make a change in the future, it won't be too difficult or time-consuming.


7.Find your ideal colour combination.


For a distinctive and enjoyable aesthetic, combine and contrast two radically different colours in your kitchen. While colour wheels can help you locate the right match, it's generally recommended that colours that share an undertone complement one another.

Make sure that any hardware looks well with both colours. You don't want one that works well with chrome and one that requires a warmer metal to set it off.


8. Add vibrant accents


Your kitchen can benefit greatly from the addition of colour from accessories and tile. This can be a useful method to incorporate two favourite bright colours that you're considering employing. Choose one for tiling and use the other for kitchen decor and accessories. Go big and bold with the latter because you can change these out quickly if you get bored.


9. Use shelving to affect the room


With open shelving, you can kill two birds with one stone. In addition to giving your kitchen a more contemporary appearance than closed storage, it also provides the ideal space for adding colourful accents that you can replace as your tastes, or the seasons change. To add to your kitchen colour ideas, think about painting the shelves a cool colour that contrasts with the walls behind them.


10. Create a seaside colour scheme.


A coastal colour scheme of soft blues combined with off-white and grey kitchen design ideas is a highly adaptable option for a modern appearance. Additionally, it is much more forgiving than a kitchen that is completely white.

Create a clean, yet warm, and inviting colour design by layering colours, possibly choosing units in two or three hues, and using tiles and paint.


11. Add colour in unexpected locations


Don't limit design to walls; alternatively, use bold flooring. Consider using geometric black-and-white tiles for a refined yet entertaining look. Combine plain white ceramic brick tiles with dark grout for a retro tribute to industrial style.

White grout won't come out? As a temporary solution, fill it in using a grey grout pen.


12. Use white paint.

Take on minimalist design with the idea of a shiny white kitchen. Choose a simple design plan with lots of glitzy accents and design-driven features. Paint the walls using a durable kitchen paint that makes it simple to remove spills.

Why not install a splashback made of white tiles with texture to give it more depth? Walls and white gloss units mix perfectly. Select a white fitted oven and complementary appliances for consistency.


13. Use contrasting colours for maximum impact.


This daring yet doable modern red kitchen design idea. Choose bright, high-gloss units in a vivid primary colour to add some serious wow. To make a kitchen appear airy and open while maintaining a dramatic colour palette, pair it with white wall cabinets and counters.

Finally, use striped vinyl flooring to introduce a touch of colour. To provide the impression of more space, arrange the lines along the length of the room.


14. Use vibrant florals and light pastels to create a vintage vibe.


With lovely kitchen colour ideas full of colour and pattern, you can celebrate spring all year long. Choose a large, colourful flower wallpaper for a dramatic, antique vibe. For a new, contemporary spin on shabby chic, confine it to just one wall while keeping the others white.

Use complementary pillows and blind materials to go with floral walls. While mixing prints is acceptable, try to stick to a single colour scheme. White country-style furniture will enhance less-patterned accessories.


15. Use accessories to provide colour.


white walls in the kitchen with a blue cabinet, a rectangular sink with a faucet, culinary utensils, and a flower in a basket.


Why not blend hand-painted bowls with coloured glasses to give uniqueness to a table by being daring with colour and texture? Table mats and napkins are examples of accessories that are not only useful but also a delightful way to add design and joy to the kitchen.


Invest in timeless designs for high-quality kitchen essentials including porcelain dinnerware, daily glasses, and wine glasses since they will last a lifetime.

Building a collection of special items, such as blue-and-white China, copper pans, stoneware, or antique plates, is an excellent way to provide a constant splash of colour to a design while also adding a decorative touch.


16. Do not be scared to choose a bold colour.


Use bold colour sparingly, possibly to draw attention to a major focal point, or keep it out of the way as you approach the kitchen to avoid it being overwhelming. Also consider scale: a large kitchen can handle a much larger splash of colour. To make a kitchen look well-thought-out, pair a bold colour scheme with complementary accessories.


What colour suits a kitchen the best?


Simply put, the greatest colour for your kitchen will depend on the actual room. Since every kitchen is unique, different colours work better there. Consider the natural and artificial lighting in your environment. Next, determine whether the light is coming from a cool easterly or a warm westerly direction. Each of these will have a different appearance of colour. A room facing north or east may appear overly cold with a cool shade, but it may be readily warmed up with other lighting. There are practically no "bad" kitchen colours since selecting the appropriate shade of your chosen colour may make a world of difference.


What colour scheme should my kitchen have?


Consider how you will use the area. Is it only used to cook? You'll need a functional, well-lit area in this situation. You could want a colour that can get moodier if you host events there. Perhaps you want an energising shade if you work there, or the youngsters do their schoolwork. It's always intriguing to investigate colour theory. Reds are said to elicit conversation, which is ideal for dinner gatherings. Some people even think that terracotta can aid in digestion! Yellow is an inherently energising colour, making it ideal for a busy kitchen where you need everyone to get things done fast in the morning.

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