Bench Kitchens Guide to Handleless Kitchens

Bench Kitchens Guide to Handleless Kitchens
14th January 2019|

Bench Kitchens Guide to Handleless Kitchens.


Handleless kitchens are modern, stylish, streamlined and clean, stunning in both small and open plan spaces, offering fluid movement throughout your kitchen.

Without any doubt, Handleless kitchens look incredible. The clean, effortless lines, will give your kitchen a contemporary and sleek look, hard to achieve with any other style of door. 

Bench Kitchens have come up with the three things that you should consider before deciding on a handleless kitchen.

  1. Quality - Your kitchen doors are handled directly when opening and closing. Make sure the doors you are purchasing are the best quality available as this will increase the life and finish of your kitchen.

  2. Finish - As stated above you will be directly touching your kitchen doors a lot more than if you have handles fitted. Cleaning your kitchen doors, therefore, becomes a more frequent job. The high gloss finish looks amazing but does show up fingerprints, that being said, it’s not the end of the world if you need to run a cloth over your kitchen a little more often than normal but if your looking for a little less maintenance, you can always go for a 15% sheen or matte finishes.

  3. Unit Colour - Colour is an important and personal choice. Many kitchen companies only provide two finishes for their units, white and brown. The problem is, that with a handleless kitchen the unit becomes part of the finish. Bench Kitchens have a choice of over 200 colours to match or contrast to your chosen door colour.

Bench kitchens in Bristol, specialise in all kitchen designs and finishes, especially handleless kitchens. Our units can be adapted to incorporate the rail system for our fully handleless Zola range and our Strada range covers the handleless doors. 

Whichever range you choose, you can be assured that your Bench Kitchen will look and feel amazing.

If you want advice regarding your kitchen, drop us an email or even better give us a call on 0117 279 6890.

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