Advice on choosing the best rated BBQ utensils

Advice on choosing the best rated BBQ utensils
6th June 2023|Tim Purser

As we move our cooking outside the kitchen this summer we thought we'd try and help with the "The Great British Barbecue", there's nothing quite like the smell of fresh burning to get your taste buds going.

The heavenly aromas of herbs, spices and rubs, the smells of sizzling steaks and burgers, vegetable skewers and fried onions. But let's focus on some of the BBQ utensils that so often go unnoticed. The things that can really help make that outdoor cooking so much easier to pull off, nobody wants to see a falling sausage that has slipped from your grip.

Barbecue Spatula

First up, we have the spatula, the flat hero of the grill. You want a spatula with the precision of a surgeon and the strength of a crowbar. Don't settle for a flimsy spatula that will buckle under the weight of a hefty steak. You need one that screams, "I can flip anything!" Look for a spatula made of industrial-grade steel that could double as a construction tool. With the right spatula, you'll be flipping burgers like a Michelin chef flips pancakes.


Barbecue Tongs

Next, let's talk tongs. These nifty little pincers are the Gandalfs of the barbecue world—they have the power to turn a raw sausage into a delicious work of art. When choosing tongs, you want a pair that makes a statement. Opt for the tongs that have a firm grip but don't crush your culinary creations. Remember, the perfect tong is like a good hug—it should be firm, yet gentle. In my case I always have two, one for raw meats and one for cooked, it's important!

And hey, if you find tongs that double as a flamethrower, well, you've hit the jackpot!

Basting Brushes

Now, onto the basting brush, the unsung hero of saucy goodness. Choosing the right brush is like choosing the perfect dance partner. You need a brush with the right moves, a brush that can gracefully glide over ribs, chicken wings, and veggie skewers alike. Look for a brush with silicone bristles, as they are not only heat-resistant but also don't shed like a cat in summer. With a trustworthy basting brush, you'll be painting your food with flavours that would make Picasso proud.

Meat Thermometer

Let's not forget the meat thermometer, the barbecue's very own divining rod. This nifty gadget ensures your meat is cooked to perfection, sparing you the embarrassment of serving something rarer than a unicorn. Look for a thermometer that's easy to read and gives you accurate results. And if you stumble upon a talking meat thermometer that tells jokes while gauging the temperature, well, you've just found your new best friend.

Barbecue Grill Brush

Last but not least, the grill brush. It's the Cinderella of BBQ utensils, tasked with scrubbing away the remnants of the grill party. Choose a brush with bristles that are as tough as your grandma's advice and can take on the charred residue with ease. You want a brush that's durable and long-lasting because let's face it, cleaning the grill is about as fun as watching paint dry. But hey, with the right brush, you can at least pretend you're wielding a lightsaber as you battle the dark side of burnt-on grease.

Choosing the best BBQ utensils is no laughing matter, but that doesn't mean we can't have a good chuckle along the way. Remember, these tools are your sidekicks in the pursuit of grilled glory. So, arm yourself with the mightiest spatula, the noblest tongs, and the wittiest meat thermometer, and embark on your grilling adventures with a smile on your face and a sauce-stained apron around your waist. Happy grilling!

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